An Insight into Power Boat Racing

Powerboat racing, as it’s name implies, is a category of boat racing using powerful boats with big and powerful engines. As one can imagine with there being different types of boats for racing there are also different categories that can be applied to powerboat racing.

Circuit Racing

Circuit racing typically takes place on various sized lakes and inland waters. This type of racing comes with a lot of speed and demands the skills that allow the boat racer to perform the proper manoeuvres.

The powerboat circuit racing can be broken down into three categories. These include:

  • hydroplane races
  • monohull races
  • catamaran

Each requires their own levels of expertise. One of the advantages to getting into this type of powerboat racing is that it is not as expensive as some of the other types.

Jetsport Racing

These are sometimes classed as personal watercraft racing and competitions can be held on inland waters or on the open seas.

Offshore Powerboat Racing

There are many different levels of competition when it comes to offshore powerboat racing. Out of all the versions of powerboat racing, this particular one is deemed to be the most exciting according to several of the participants as well as a large number of spectators.

various powerboat racing competitions and championships are held throughout the year. Events such as the Daily Mirror Trophy and the Battle of Britain Club race are just an example of two of the many different types of race events that are held for this form of powerboat racing.

Looking back there have been some great championships won in the UK in the Powerboat racing category. What comes to mind is some of the P1 Superstock championships.

Power Boat racing in the UK is one of the many different types of boat racing sports that is highly enjoyed by both residents and visitors to the UK.

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