Different Types of Boat Racing

With there being so many different types of bodies of water to access in the UK it stands to reason there would be a good selection of different types of boat racing taking place. There are some great opportunities to become involved in boat racing either as a participant or a spectator. It really comes down to deciding on which type of racing appeals to you the most.

Boat Racing Relying on Human Power

While boats can be powered by many different sources one of these happens to be the sheer power of people who have the strength and skills to power a boat. Some of the races that fall under this category include:

  • Racing of Canoes
  • The Dragon Boat Races
  • Rowing boats

Air Powered Boat Racing

Some boats rely on their power being supplied by the wind. This is where the sailboats come in and there are also some very exciting sailboat races that can be enjoyed.

Motorized Boat Racing

There are some who like to enjoy boat racing that involves using watercraft that has to be powered through the use of various types of motors. This is where powerboat racing comes into play and there are different styles of boats that are utilized.

Based on the different types of boat racing it has created opportunities for different types of competitions and tournaments. Spectators have their favorites and most often these are comprised of more than one type of boat race event.

While there is a great selection of races, some of the many favorite boat racing events that are enjoyed in the UK is the Great River Race, the Dragon Boat Races and of course the Rowing races.

There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into these events but based on their popularity they are well worth the effort.

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