Dragon Boat Racing in the UK

Out of all the different types of boat racing that goes on in the UK, there was room for one more version of this sport. This was where the Dragon Boat racing came onto the scene. It all began back in the September of 1980. Boat racing enthusiasts got the opportunity to participate in the first Dragon Boat race in the UK on the River Thames during the Hong Kong In London Chinese Festival.

It was such a popular event and enjoyed by so many that this single event was definitely not the end of the enthusiasm that people felt for this type of boat racing. In 1985, efforts were made to organise this new form of boat racing so it would become recognised in the British Isles on a national level. This eventually led to the first of dragon boat being built in the country that was comprised of fibre glass.

By 1987, the first Dragon Boat Association was formed and there was little doubt that dragon boat racing in the UK had made its mark and was here to stay. Not long after this organisation was formed, the first national championship was held.

Formal recognition was slow to come even though this new form of boat racing event was gaining rapidly in popularity. In 1992, Dragon Boat racing in the UK was formally recognised by the Sports Council.

Now, there are many different kinds of dragon boat competitions that take place throughout the UK. It is a common practice for corporations in the country to hold their own dragon boat events. It is a favourite event for many charity organisations to add to their roster.

Dragon boat racers from the UK have had the extreme pleasure of being able to compete in international dragon boat races and are keen on participating in ongoing events for dragon boat racing in the UK, like the Henley Winter Series.

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