The British Rowing Championships

On sport that Brits are very fond of in the UK is the British rowing competitions and the highlight of these events is the British Rowing Championships.

Each year both participants and spectators alike can enjoy this annual event that is held at the National Water Sports Center. Every fourth year there is a change in venue and it is held at the Strathclyde Country Park.

This championship really has an Olympic flare to it. The height of the excitement, of course, is seeing the winners cross the finish line but this excitement is carried on when the winners are presented their gold, silver and bronze medals.

The British Rowing Championship is made up of a series of events that include:

  • Junior opens
  • Junior women’s
  • Open
  • Women
  • Under 23
  • Lightweight boats
  • coastal boats
  • Adaptive boats

Rowing competitions play a very important role in the sports industry in the UK. As a result, there are various courses that include intense training programs to help those interested in this sport break into with many having the hopes of one day participating in the championship events.

While there are numerous competitions running throughout the rowing season the grand finale is the world rowing championships. This has been the case since 1962. Then once 1974 came along the roster was extended to include women’s events as we as events for lightweights. In 2003 adaptive rowing was added along with lightweight women’s events.

In addition to the world rowing championships participants can also look forward to the possibility of participating in the annual regatta spearheaded by FISA. Then of course for many, there is the dream of the Olympics and Paralympic events.

Not only is the rowing sport highly important to the participants it is a critically important aspect of the sports entertainment for the UK, and it can draw spectators from all parts of the world.

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